If You Lived at The Hammond North. . .
  • You'd never have to go outside to have your grass cut, your shrubs trimmed, your flowers watered, your leaves raked, your lawn fertilized or your driveway and sidewalks shoveled.
  • You'd never have to go outside to get the paper, mail a letter or take out the trash.
  • You'd never have to clean the gutters, worry about roof leaks or repair and repaint the stucco, clapboards or window trim.
  • You wouldn't get a monthly bill for heat, air conditioning, water, cable or Internet.
  • You wouldn't need a service contract with the heat/AC or the pest control companies.
  • And you'd never pay another home-security bill again.
Because . . .
At The Hammond North, you maintain your own condo and your monthly fee covers all of the above:
  • The scenic 29-acre setting is beautifully maintained, and you'll never have to own a snow shovel or string trimmer again.
  • Newspapers are delivered to your door, mail is picked up and delivered indoors and each floor has a trash room for disposal and recycling.
  • For more than 50 years, The Hammond North has kept the building in perfect repair, updated as needed and regularly passes its health, building, fire and other inspections with no problems.
  • We also have staff housekeeping, custodial and maintenance employees (two of whom live on premises) who keep everything looking and operating well.
  • Your monthly Homeowners' Association fees include the costs of heat, AC and water, as well as Fioptics cable and Internet access.
  • We have a security system that includes all monitored entrances, secure entry system for residents only, 24-hour staffed front desk and regular pest-control applications.
Life can't be hassle-free, but living here removes more than a few of them.
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Welcome Home

"A fine prestige address, spacious land, and apartment areas and a luxury living atmosphere are yours to enjoy at The Hammond North."
The Cincinnati Enquirer Thursday, May 18, 1967